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Investing With Fundrise

Frustrated with the low savings rates at best and looking to diversify outside of stocks, I began investing with the real estate investment trust Fundrise in 2019. Fundrise offers a relatively simple way to access real estate investments without having to actually buy a property. Although real estate can offer consistent cash flow and the possibility of appreciation, dealing with contractors and tenants often makes it not worth the hassle.

What I like about Fundrise is for a minimum of $500, an investor can gain exposure to real estate investments. When you invest in Fundrise, your money gets pooled into a basket of many different properties. Although you will receive a 1099 and not enjoy the tax benefits of owning physical real estate, Fundrise allows investors the possibility of receiving steady dividend returns on a quarterly basis. In addition, the fund has held up relatively well in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic. As of this writing, I have enjoyed a return of over 5% investing in Fundrise.

To get started investing in Fundrise, use this link to get your first 90 days of management fees waived.

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